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You can send us a message via WhatsApp without having to add our phone number to your contact list.

RMA Registration - Warranty

Register your products for warranty here. How does the process work? How to replace a damaged product?

Ecommerce Frequent questions

1. Do they have physical store?

We do not have a physical store for customer service, but you can find us in different contact channels in our help center: https://es.todo.cheap/centro-ayuda/

2. Can I make payments with a credit card?

Yes, You can!

3. Can my purchases apply to months without interest?

You can always defer your purchases, to apply for months without interest, take advantage of our promotional seasons. If you wish to defer your purchases in regular season or outside the promotional calendar, you can do so but with the interests that your banking institution sets.

4. What happens if my product suffer an incident in the shipment?

All our products are 100% insured and free of charge for you, so you will always have our support.

5. Do all products have guarantee?

All our products have a direct guarantee with the manufacturer.

6. Do All prices includes taxes?


7. Can they issue an invoice?

Yes, we can.

8. How much does the shipping cost?

It depends on the product and the destination.

9. Is it a risk buying at QIAN regarding my bank account and personal information?

All information provided is safe, we have security certificates to protect your personal information.

10. What are your payments methods?


Deposit and Bank Transfer.